Terry Catasús Jennings


To turn a shabby little house into a welcoming home, all it takes is a big-hearted family eager to help others. . . and a little hope. La casita offers a home for those who don’t have anywhere to go. It’s a safe place in a new land, and Esperanza is always the first to welcome them. An inspiring, semi-autobiographical story of how immigrants can help each other find their footing in a new country, accompanied by the rich and vivid illustrations of award-winning artist Raúl Colón. 

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Everybody has to eat, everybody wants to live. In the savanna, predators and prey are involved in a never ending dance. Predators use stealth to approach their dinner. 
High pitched, low pitched, soft and loud, sound is the weapon prey use to warn each other of impending danger. Illustrated by Phyllis Saroff.

NSTA Recommended
A biography in verse about the person who, in 1944, conceptualized the arguments that would win Brown V. Board of Education of Topeka Kansas, and in 1964, the arguments that won women equality in the workplace. Pauli Murray fought in the trenches for many of the rights we take for granted. Her goal was human rights and the dignity of life for all.  Co-authored with the Reverend Dr. Murray's niece, Rosita Stevens-Holsey.

Winner: Septima Clark Award 2023 (National Council for the Social              Studies)
Dominguita Melendez is a Cuban American third grader who outsmarts bullies and solves mysteries while pretending to be characters in the classics her Abuelo read to her as bedtime stories.   Join her as she becomes The Knight of the Cape, finds Captain Dom's Treasure, protects a quinceañera party in All for One and finds the lost goat of Tapperville in Sherlock Dom.

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Based on the recovery after the eruption of Mount St. Helens volcano, Gopher to the Rescue! A Volcano Recovery story, chronicles the return of life to the mountain and what it takes to restore an ecosystem ravaged by a natural disaster. Illustrated by Laura O'Keefe.

NSTA Outstanding Science Trade Books of 2012
Vivian, a young Paiute girl with one foot on the reservation and one foot on the outside community learns the conservation lessons of The Legend of the Hoodoos . Illustrated by Phyllis Saroff.

"A story that honors both tradition and its young protagonist’s desire to live in the present."  Kirkus
Deena has fun using magnetic tricks to fool the youngsters at the pool, until a new boy, with a few magnetic tricks of his own, brings her down a notch.  Illustrated by Andrea Gabriel. 

NSTA Recommended

Women won the vote in 1920 but by 1960, they had yet to exercise their power. Instead, they were trapped in the myth that women are happier in the home.  This book chronicles the awakening that became the women's movement and follows its development from 1960 to 1990.

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The history of hydroelectric energy, the powerful alternative to fossil fuels.