Terry Catasús Jennings

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Early one morning, gopher, snowshoe hare, black bear, elk, squirrel, and every animal near and far, feel rumbling and trembling and shaking more terrible than they’ve ever felt before. A volcano is erupting! 

After the eruption, everything on the mountain seems dead. But wait...
Under the ground, gopher was shaken but not hurt. Gopher begins to dig and dig, like he does every day of his life. When gopher digs he brings up the soil that was buried beneath the ash. He brings up soil where seeds can land and seeds sprout into plants that can feed some animals.  

Follow gopher, and the plants and animals on the journey that brings the mountain back to life. 

Publisher: Sylvan Dell, (Now Arbordale) Mount Pleasant, SC (2012)

Grade Level: P-4
Lexile Level: 740L       Lexile Code: AD

Threads: Basic needs, change environment, change over time, earth processes, earth properties, habitat, volcanoes, interconnectedness, inquiry, land forms, map, natural disasters, plate tectonics, sequence.
Gopher to the Rescue! A Volcano Recovery Story by Terry Catasus Jennings
  2013 Outstanding Science Trade Book - National Science Teachers' Association and Children's Book Council.
  2013 New Books for Missouri Students
  2014-2015 South Carolina Book Awards Program Selection
Outstanding Science Trade Book, Gopher to the Rescue by Terry C Jennings
Author: Carolyn Driedger - USGS
Author: US Geologic Survey   
Author: US Geologic Survey   
Author: Purdue University    
Author: US Forest Service  
Author: US Geologic Survey   
Author: Smithsonian Institution
Author: US Geologic Survey   
Author: US Geologic Survey
USGS: A narrative of cataclysmic eruption. 7.30 min.
USGS: Mount St. Helens, A Catalyst for Change. 6.47 min.
​UGSG: Mount St. Helens: Ash Cloud from Space. .18 min.
USGS: Mount St. Helens Runaway Glacier. 2.12 min.
USGS: MSH - Dome Growth Time Lapse 2004-2008. 1.26 min
USGS: MSH Dome Growth & Glacier Growth 2004-2012 .20 min.
Discovery Chnl: MSH Disintegrates in Enormous Landslide. 1.46 min.