Terry Catasús Jennings

Encourage your students to develop an interest in science by reading my posts on kcswildfacts.com—interesting tidbits about science and nature that I find in newspapers like "The New York Times" and "The Washington Post", magazines like "Smithsonian," "National Geographic," "Ranger Rick," and "Nat Geo Kids" as well as trips to museums and travels around the world.

Kool Cat, KC, is a now famous feline blogger. He and I normally post a new fact on his blog about once per month during the school year.  Each fact provides information; emphasizes the role of scientists, if appropriate; asks questions; and encourages the students to conduct further research on a related topic of their choice. 

For primary grades, you may want to assign your students to write a simple paragraph on their chosen topic. 

For elementary grades, you may want to assign a five paragraph essay.

Follow the links below on writing the five paragraph essay, and on research.   

Integrate Science and Writing Using KCsWildfacts.com
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