Terry Catasús Jennings

All Dominguita wants to do is read. Especially the books in Spanish that Abuela gave to her just before she moved away. They were classics that Abuela and Dominguita read together, classics her abuela brought with her all the way from Cuba when she was a young girl. It helps Dominguita feel like Abuela’s still there with her.

One of her favorites, Don Quixote, tells of a brave knight errant who tries to do good deeds. Dominguita decides that she, too, will become a knight and do good deeds around her community, creating a grand adventure for her to share with her abuela. And when the class bully tells Dominguita that girls can’t be knights, Dom is determined to prove him wrong. With a team of new friends, can Dominguita prove that girls can indeed be worthy knights?

In their next adventure, Dominguita and her crew decide to be pirates as in Treasure Island . They actually find a real treasure map. They use their problem solving skills to figure out what the loot might be and where to find it. Will they beat the fearsome Juan Largo and return the loot to its rightful owner?

When they become the three musketeers, Dominguita and her friends save a friend's quinceañera party from the clutches of bullies. Hilarious adventures involve chocolate covered toilet plungers used as fencing swords, musketeer double-speak and the deliciously dastardly Bublassi Brothers in an encore appearance.

Of course, nothing will escape the watchful eye of Sherlock Dom. She dons a not-at-all-like-Sherlock-Holmes fisherman's hat and grabs her magnifying glass. Along with Steph, and with Pancho on the cell phone, the three-some solve the mystery of the disappearance of the lost goat of Tapperville which will probably not be confused with "The Hound of the Baskervilles."
At all. 

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