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Pine Nut
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     Long ago, the Old Ones drank all the water, ate all the pine nuts, and left nothing for the other creatures. Sinawav the coyote punished them by turning them into rocky hoodoos. Now their spirits shimmer like shadows at the base of their stone columns and when children are bad, the hoodoos are there to remind them. 
     Vivian has heard the stories, but this year she has something more important on her mind: basketball tryouts! When Grandma takes her up on the mesa to pick the pine nuts, Vivian is too impatient for the old traditions and would rather practice her basketball shots than respect the trees. Will she listen to Grandma and learn about their Paiute ancestors, or will she be bad while Sinawav and the hoodoos are watching? 
    This is an engaging story about both erosion and a young native child who has a foot in both the world of the reservation and the worlds surrounding it.

Publisher: Arbordale, Mount Pleasant, SC (2017)

Grade Level:  K-3, Ages: 4-8 ADL 580

Threads: character, chimneys (rock), community, desert, erosion, fables/folktales, geography, geology, history, hoodoos, landforms, physical change, Paiute, spire, Utah, Native American.