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ARKive video - African lions stalking, killing and eating zebras
ARKive video - Cheetah chases and catches a gazelle
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Sounds of the Savanna
The morning sun kisses the grasslands of the savanna. A lion roars. Animals wake. Many are hungry. Some eat the greenery at their feet and in the trees, but others...others might even eat someone else's baby. Everybody has to eat, 'cause everybody wants to live!
       Predators don't always win. Prey will squeal, screech, squeak, squawk, loud, high pitched warnings to others of their band so they can bolt or skitter away. So they can protect their babies. Low pitched rumbles also serve as warnings. They can be heard far, far away. 
    High pitched and low pitched, soft and loud, sounds travel over the savanna as prey and predators perform their dances of survival throughout the day.

Publisher: Arbordale, Mount Pleasant, SC (2015)

Grade Level: P-5       Lexile Level: 740L       Lexile Code: AD

Threads: Sound, predator/prey interactions
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