Terry Catasús Jennings

To turn a shabby little house into a welcoming home, all it takes is a big-hearted family eager to help others. . . and a little hope. La casita offers a home for those who don’t have anywhere to go. It’s a safe place in a new land, and Esperanza is always the first to welcome them. An inspiring, semi-autobiographical story of how immigrants can help each other find their footing in a new country, accompanied by the rich and vivid illustrations of award-winning artist Raúl Colón. 

"This book reflects the stories of many a refugee family and humanizes a group of people often othered. In an age-appropriate way, it touches on the complicated reasons people leave their homes." -- Kirkus

"A valuable story about the importance of generosity and community." -- Booklist

"Colón’s trademark watercolor and color pencil illustrations begin by showing the uncertainty of a new place with a gray, almost stormy sky as the backdrop to the unfamiliar, and then move on to depict a loving family, warm home, sunny outdoors, and the hopes and dreams of many who face difficulties in their attempts at a better life. The poetic Spanish text (an English edition, The Little House of Hope, is also available) deftly conveys these hopes and fears in an accessible way to young readers. VERDICT A great selection that honestly presents the hardships and the victories of families workinghard for a bright future. --Selenia Paz SLJ

"The Little House of Hope pulls at your heartstrings when one family despite their struggle and hardship opens their home and hearts to others in need showing us the importance of kindness, hard work, and the meaning of family. I cherished being invited into la casita and being a part of Esperanza’s family. An absolute heartwarming read that feels like a warm embrace!" Payal Dash Author: Rea and The Blood of the Nectar